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Combined Effects of Homogenization and Singular Perturbations
钮维生 教授(安徽大学)
2021年4月2日13:30-14:30  腾讯会议 ID:191 765 193

*主持人:叶东 教授


We talk about quantitative estimates in periodic homogenization of second-order elliptic systems of elasticity with singular fourth-order perturbations. The convergence rates, which depend on the scale $\kappa$ that represents the strength of the singular perturbation and on the length scale $\varepsilon$ of the heterogeneities, will be presented. We also give the large-scale Lipschitz estimate, down to the scale $\varepsilon$ and independent of $\kappa$. The talk is based on a joint work with Pro. Zhongwei Shen.


钮维生,安徽大学教授,2011年毕业于兰州大学。目前主要研究兴趣为偏微分方程均匀化理论及无穷维动力系统的齐次化问题.目前已在Journal of Functional Analysis,Comm. Partial Differential Equations, J. Differential Equations, J. Math. Phys.,Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems等知名期刊上发表20余篇学术论文。